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Hi everyone!
We've had a lot of new faces come to our page lately so we thought it might be nice to share a bit more about us! What better way to get to know someone than a little Q and A? We have done a few interviews lately, so we included those questions here to give y'all some more insight into who we are and how we started this little business of ours! We would love learning a little more about you too! Anyone else have a side hustle they are working on?
Jacklene and Stefanie
Where were you and when did you decide you would start this new business adventure together? 
We started dreaming up the idea of Hunter Blake Designs over a mimosa brunch this fall. We had both been searching for a creative outlet that was different from our backgrounds in the corporate world (Stefanie is a lawyer and Jacklene worked in advertising). Statement earrings was actually a pretty easy decision for us because we were already incorporating them into our personal styles. We knew with earrings that we could relate to the consumer and we were both pretty particular on what we wanted to see in our first collection. Once we put pen to paper, the designs started flowing! 
How long have the two of you known each other? 
We met in 2016 while we were both pregnant (Jacklene with her first child and Stefanie with her second child). There is something about being pregnant at the same time that really creates a strong friendship. We are on the same page about the fact that we are friends first and business partners second. We've watched our kids grow up 6 days a part, taken fun trips together, shared many bottles of wine, laughed, cried, but Hunter Blake Designs is up there as one of our most exciting ventures yet. 
Do you both contribute to the designs? What inspires your designs? 
We absolutely both contribute to the designs! It is a very collaborative process where we both gather inspiration and brainstorm how an idea would look best as an earring. Our designs are inspired by our travels, interior design, fashion and our everyday lives. Together we have visited over twenty countries and lived in six different cities. There is something about getting out of your comfort zone that is truly inspiring and we have gotten a lot of our design inspiration from the places we have visited. Our goal is to create earrings that elevate any outfit, whether it be to brunch with friends, picking up your kids from school or a night out.
What has been the biggest reward you’ve gotten out of starting Hunter Blake?
There have been so many firsts for us in getting this little business up and running.  It certainly has not been easy, but we are so proud of what we have accomplished thus far and we are still learning everyday.  We just launched our company last month, and seeing people excited about wearing our earrings has been the best reward!
How have you both managed the task of starting a new business while being moms to young children? 
It is a constant juggling act for both of us with the kids, husbands, laundry, school pickups, exercise, etc. and sometimes balls get dropped.  Luckily, we tag team pretty well and if one of us is having a stressful week, the other will pick up a majority of the workload.  We try to be present and off our phones while with the kids, so a lot of our work is done during nap time, after bedtime, or on the weekends.
What are your favorite things to do, outside of being with family and designing statement earrings? 
As we mentioned above, we both love traveling and seeing different cultures. Some of our favorite places includes South Africa and Italy. We also have a common interest in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. We play tennis together once a week and you can often find us at various work out classes around town. 
If you could have one celebrity wear your earrings, who would it be?
J: Siena Miller, I love her bohemian chic style! She always manages to look stylish whether she is on the red carpet or running errands. 
S: Blake Lively! She definitely knows how to rock a statement earring and I can see her wearing several of our styles :)
Favorite designer?  We both love Zimmermann and Ulla Johnson.
Favorite Instagrammers to follow:
J:  @happilygrey (I am obsessed with all of her outfits and would love to raid her closet), @jaceyduprie (I love following her for elevated staples and she always has the best shoes) and Liz Adams (She has two boys and always keeps it real on Instagram) 
S: @thefashionbugblog, @beingbridget, @hannahstraffordtayor. (I would happily trade closets with any of them!)
Favorite place to shop: Definitely Shopbop! We love the variety of high/low price points and also how many new arrivals they get each week.
Favorite travel destinations: While we both love traveling internationally, we also love taking the kids to the 30A area of Florida. We took a trip last summer together and we are hoping to go back again this year! Such fun memories of all staying in a house together. Jacklene's family also enjoys spending time in the mountains of North Carolina and Charleston. Stefanie and her family love to ski out west in Colorado and visit friends and family in New York. 
Summer is just around the corner, what exciting things will we be seeing from Hunter Blake Designs? 
We are so excited to release the summer line! Summer is one of those seasons where people really step out of their comfort zone with earrings. Our line will include some bold colors, summer whites, different textures, as well as a few classic options. 

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