About Us

Sometimes a brunch can change your life. At least this was true for our founders when they began dreaming up the design for their first earring over some mimosas. Jacklene and Stefanie met in 2016 and instantly became fast friends with their shared love for travel, entertaining, fashion, green juice, bagels and of course, statement earrings. Many brunches, trips and post-bedtime meetings later, Hunter Blake Designs was born.

Hunter Blake Designs is inspired by life, fashion, travel and all things pretty. Our company philosophy is simple: make a statement. The designs are crafted to look effortless and curated. Our goal is to create earrings that elevate any outfit, whether it be to brunch with friends, picking up your kids from school or a night out.

We could not end this story without acknowledging the ones who make this all possible. Our husbands, Hunter and Blake, have always been our number one supporters. And, in our unbiased opinion, their names are pretty awesome too :). Thanks for getting to know us! If you're here, we have a feeling you like statement earrings...so we should get along great!